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Any way of adding metadata to results?
Is there any way of adding metadata columns to results?
For instance, I am using audio stimuli of sentences that are either "active" or "passive" syntactic voice. I tried to do this by coding "voice":"active" my active audio stimuli; and coding "voice":"passive" in my passive audio stimuli. Although this coding was accepted as grammatical in the stimuli section, none of this information shows up in the results.
I would also like to include other information about the stimuli as well -- is there any way of doing this? (I know that as long as trials are uniquely identified I could just join my results file with a separate metadata file in R, but this seems like an extra step and an extra opportunity to introduce errors!)
Hi Sten,

This is currently not possible directly, but you can simply rename your stimuli to include such meta data, like "stimulus_a_voice_active" and "stimulus_a_voice_passive". Since stimuli names are reported in the CSV, you can grab the info and parse it in R.

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