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Link FF experiement to Prolific
Has anyone integrated their FF experiment to Prolific before? I wonder if, 1) Participants' prolific ID could be carried over to findingfive so they don't have to put in a participant ID, and 2) If participants have to create a findingfive account if they are from Prolific.
Hi Haoyun,

Please refer to this tutorial for detailed info:
Hi, Ting,
Thanks for your reply. I did read that tutorial. It sounds like if I don't use MTurk, my participants will have to register a findingfive account in order to complete my experiment on FF? I'm recruiting participants from Prolific, is there a way that their prolific ID can be auto passed to findingfive experiment? Thanks!
Your interpretation is correct. Only mturk provides an API for FF to seamlessly integrate with their platform. For all other platforms, participants will need to sign up on FF.

We have Google and Microsoft signup, which is a single-click solution. Many researchers use FindingFive with Prolific and it has been going reasonably well as far as we know.

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