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A question about instruction during self-paced reading
I have another question about self-paced reading.
I wonder whether this is a way that I can fix the instruction "Press the "[SPACE]" key to advance".
On my screen, the instruction is fixed but on my collaborator's screen, this instruction jumps around while she is pressing the space to make each token appear.
I guess this issue has something to do with the size of the screen?
I'd like to know whether the instruction can be fixed so that the participants might not be bothered by this during reading. 
Thank you so much for your help!

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Hello! This is just a reminder message to see whether my question has been addressed.
Could you let me know whether there is a way to fix the instruction "Press the "[SPACE]" key to advance" during self-paced reading?
Hi Hyeonah,

The only way for now is to hide this instruction. As more text is revealed, the instruction will unfortunately get pushed lower and lower.
Hi Ting,

I made an instruction as an image ("press_inst_pic") and paired this with self-paced reading.
For example,

"Text2B_inst": {
"type": "basic",
"stimuli": [
"responses": [],
"auto_advance": true

This looks fine to me, but I have one more issue that I'd like to ask for your help with.
If I l switch the location of the instruction image and the reading so that the instruction image can appear at the bottom (5) and the reading appears at the top (2) like

"Text2B_inst": {
"type": "basic",
"stimuli": [
{"which":["Text2B", "press_inst_pic"],"location":[2,5]}
"responses": [],
"auto_advance": true

The instruction image disappears and I can only see the blank screen.
Is there any way that I can deal with this? Thank you so much!
Hi Hyeonah!

What is likely occurring when you swap the locations of the instruction/text, is that the "barrier" property is set to true as the default. This means, in your particular case, that the instruction image will not be displayed until the tokenized text is displayed. If you set this property to false, it should fix the issue.

You may also want to consider removing the "auto_advance" property from your code. With how your study is currently coded, it wouldn't be necessary to include that property, and it may actually advance/skip trials without allowing participants to actually view the tokenized_text.

Let me know if this makes sense and/or if you have any questions!

Hi Grace,
Thanks for your suggestion!
I set the barrier property into false but then I can only see a blank screen.
So I removed the "auto_advance" property and then it worked!
But this time I encountered another problem.
Whenever I press the spacebar to make each token appear, a message appears at the top saying "Wait until the playback is complete" (I'm not sure this translation is correct, since I can see the Korean message so I translated this in English).
The reason I see this message is I set the "auto_advance" property into false, right?
Is there a way to hide this message so that participants are not bothered by this during reading?

I will add codes for a sample trial and stimulus below.

"Text1B_inst": {
"type": "basic",
"stimuli": [
{"which":["Text1B", "press_inst_pic"],"location":[2,5]}
"responses": [],
"barrier": false


**Code for Text1B stimulus
"type": "tokenized_text",
"content": "This is - the story of Hugo. His life started - in a poor- redaster - in the south of Italy. -<br/> There were - only a few buildings - and one of them - was a - melnawg - for poor boys -<br/> who had no - money - and nowhere to live. - It was run - by a very angry master -<br/> and an old -woman. - They took in infants - from a short - time - after their - flern -<br/> with the - idea - that each of them - would be an unpaid - tombat - for years. This was -<br/>not a secret - in the community. - Everybody knew about it.",
"delimiter": "-",
"alignment": "left",
"mode": "masked",
"mask_char": "_",
"self_paced": true,
"barrier": false,
"key_advance_instruction": false
Hi Hyeonah,

My apologies for making the following belated suggestion - can we give it another try at the original problem (the system-supplied instruction jumping around on small screens), by decreasing the font size of the tokenized text? You can just add something like

"size": "12px"

to a tokenized text stimulus and see if it fixes the issue for your collaborator?


We will look into that message "Wait until the playback is complete", but that may not have an easy solution. Will report back.
Hi Hyeonah,

Can you switch the key for advancing the self-paced reading stimulus to something other than the space bar? The message you saw is due to the space bar being used for advancing both the tokens and the trial. If you set it to something like the "b" key, for example, that issue should go away.

Yes, this worked! Thank you so much for your help!!
That's great! Happy to hear that.

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