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Combine text and key press responses
Hello world!
I'm creating a word association task. Participants must write a word in response to a cue word. I´m using the response option"keypress" because it is important to evaluate the first key press and the interval between each key press; however, it is laso important to me that participants can see what they write.
I tried to combine two resposes "keypress" and "text" as explainned in the tutorial Recording participant responses, but F5 ignore the "keypress" response and only record the "text".
I'm not shure that this is the best approach to solve my problem.
My current code is:
  "type": "basic",
  "stimulus_pattern": {"order": "random"},
    "responses": [["k_resp","t_resp"]]

Thanks to everyone

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Combine text and key press responses - by AQACH - 02-08-2021, 04:23 PM

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