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Seeing data before the session ends
Taking research online presents challenges. In the lab we know participants are using a mouse and headphones for our audio + mouse tracking paradigm, but online how do we know? We have them agree at the beginning to use these things, but at the end we ask how they took the study and half of them did not use a mouse. So, we do not give them credit for the study. Here is the problem: we have to see their answers to determine if they get credit. Our human subjects pool wants us to award credit within 24 hours. Right now I can't see the responses until the FindingFive session is over, right? So, what do I do. I feel stuck. I can't open a new session every day. I need to open a session once a week and have it run for a week to collect participants. But I also need to award credit to participants for taking the study within 24 hours, but I can't do that if I can't see their responses. Am I missing something that would allow me to see individual responses while the session is open? If not, then, as a researcher, I feel this is a major flaw in the platform that should be addressed as soon as possible. I hope I am just missing something. Thanks.

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Seeing data before the session ends - by jwright8 - 01-28-2021, 03:06 PM
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