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judgments of learning
I need to have participants make judgments of learning (JOLs) after they answer each question. Ideally, they would answer a question and on the next screen they would get a JOL which asks them about their confidence in their answer on the previous screen. My question blocks look like the ones below. Basically, they see the passage above the question, then the question below the passage, and then the response choices. I would like to have a JOL occur after every question, but I still need to keep the questions in a random order.  Is there a way to accomplish what I want without setting up a question block for every question?

This is my current question block that doesn't include the JOLs between questions:

    "Acupuncture_e_questions": {
  "type" : "basic",
  "stimuli": [{"which":["Acupuncture-Easy-Manipulation","A_E_C_1"],"location":[2,8]},
  "duration": 60,
  "countdown_visible": true,
  "stimulus_pattern": {"order": "random"}

This would do what I want, but I'm really trying to avoid coding this for 135 questions (3 conditions, each with 3 sets of 15 questions):

"Acupuncture_A_E_C_1_question": {
  "type" : "basic",
  "stimuli": [{"which":["Acupuncture-Easy-Manipulation","A_E_C_1"],"location":[2,8]},
  "duration": 60,
  "countdown_visible": true


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