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Some stimulus files may need re-uploading
Dear Researchers,

We have just been informed by our upstream provider of a database outage that has unfortunately led to partial loss of uploaded stimulus files. While the occurrence of such incidents is completely out of our control, we are assessing and implementing new measures for avoiding similar issues in the future. At this point, our analysis indicates that this will only affect you if you:
  • Have collaborators who use identically named stimulus files across different FindingFive accounts.
  • Use the US server (the EU server is not affected)
We were able to use our backup data to restore most of the stimulus files. As a result, we estimate about 1-3% of stimulus files may need re-uploading. Most of the affected studies were created before August 2020.

No participant data loss
We are 100% confident that there are no loss of participant data.

Active sessions may be affected, but relaunching a new session is not necessary
If your active sessions use stimulus files that are affected, participants won't be able to successfully complete them at this moment. You must re-upload those files right now. Once they are uploaded, there's no need to relaunch the session. The active sessions will automatically work again.

We apologize for the hassle. Thank you for understanding and supporting FindingFive.
We have been able to further restore more than 1000 files from our backup. We now estimate only fewer than 1% of all uploaded stimulus files are affected.

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