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New Follow-Up Responses Feature
Dear Researchers,
We are happy to announce the development of a new property within our existing trial templates: follow-up responses! Please find full documentation of this property here:
What it does
This new property allows you to specify follow-up responses, based on participants’ initial responses to a stimulus. For example, if participants select the choice “other” in an initial response, you can use this trial template to trigger a follow-up text-box, allowing participants to explain their selection in more detail. 
Recommended usage
This property is recommended for situations where only follow-up responses are required. You may instead wish to branch participants into conditions with different stimuli, responses, and tasks, based on their responses in an initial trial. In these scenarios, please use our conditional branching feature instead! Details on conditional branching can be found here:  
Pain points addressed
Development of this new property means you no longer have to use conditional branching for simple follow-up responses!
We hope you find this new property helpful! Questions? Reply in this thread, and we will answer!

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