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New Stimulus: Tokenized Images!
Dear Researchers,

We are excited to announce the availability of a new stimulus type, tokenized images! The documentation on this new stimulus can be found here:

What it does
As the name suggests, a tokenized image stimulus can be used to display a list of images in sequence. If you have used our tokenized text or tokenized audio stimuli, the tokenized image stimulus is our effort to bring similar functionality to images.

Recommended usage
The tokenized image stimulus is best at simulating GIF-like animation, and yet with precise timing control for how long each frame / image token should be displayed. This has many uses in psychological studies. For example, in visual priming studies, it is common to present the priming image for only a split of a second, and then collect a response on the actual target image. This new stimulus will make the creation of such stimuli easy and flexible.

Pain points addressed
Before the introduction of this new stimulus, in order to present several images in sequence, researchers needed to use a trial-yoking technique that has the side effect of a "flashing screen". Using that technique also limits the options in randomizing trials at the block level. The new tokenized image stimulus can now be used instead.

Future work
The tokenized image stimulus does not support a self-paced option, unlike the tokenized text and tokenized audio stimuli. We are planning to add this support eventually. If you have a particular use for a self-paced tokenized image stimulus, please leave a reply below to let us know!

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