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Bug potentially resulting in partially missing data
Dear Researchers,

We have discovered a bug that may have resulted in partial loss of audio recording data. This bug has been fixed. The purpose of this post is to raise awareness in case you are affected by this bug and haven't noticed it yet.

If you collected audio recording data using the "background audio response" between February 04, 2021 and March 12, 2021, the audio recordings were not saved if and only if your study meets all the following criteria:
  • The background audio response was used for collecting audio recordings
  • The background audio response was set to show the volume visualizer
  • Your study used the "duration" parameter in trial templates that involve the background audio response
  • Your study did not use the "duration" parameter in the background audio response

As long as any one of the above statements does not apply to your study, your data are safe! However, for those who are affected, we are extremely sorry that the audio recordings are permanently lost. Our sincere apologies!

Please do not use the trial-level "duration" parameter for any response-level control. You should always look for solutions that are part of individual responses. In this instance, one should always use the "duration" parameter of an audio response (background or not) for controlling the length of an audio recording.

The most effective way to avoid and help FindingFive catch unpleasant bugs like this is to always preview your study all the way to the end and examine the preview data before launching a new session. We will fix any issues noticed in previews as soon as possible.

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