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January Study Grammar Update - 1/18/2022
Dear Researchers,

We are excited to announce the availability of the January Grammar Update! Due to the MLK holiday on Monday 1/17/2022, this update will be made first available on our testing server ( - US server accounts only) on Monday 1/17/2022, and then on the production servers ( or on Tuesday, 1/18/2022.

This January update mostly consists of bug fixes and a minor feature tweak:

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where a text response with a "max_char" setting would require an extra click in the text box before participants could enter their response.
  • Fixed an issue where the duration timer of a choice response continued counting while the choice response displays visual feedback (if feedback is set). The duration timer now stops as soon as a choice is made by participants, before the feedback is shown.
  • Introduce a new "duration_timer_onset" property for customizing when the duration timer appears in responses that have "duration_timer" set to true. By default, the onset is "start" meaning that the duration timer appears as soon as the response is visible. It can be optionally set to "end" so that the timer only appears as a participant response is recorded. The "end" mode may be better suited for typical speeded task setups. 
New Features:
  • No major new features are included in this update.
If you have any questions regarding this grammar update, please leave your comments below. Thanks!

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