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November Study Grammar Update - 11/8/2021
Dear Researchers,

We are excited to release FindingFive' November Study Grammar update! Going forward, we will adopt a semi-regular monthly updating schedule for our study grammar, barring any emergency bug fixes. For November, we are bringing these following new features and changes, to be effective on Monday, November 8, 2021:

New Features
  • Checking for the presence of external mouses: For studies that use the "mouse position" response to achieve mouse tracking, FindingFive will now automatically detect if participants are using a touch-only device (which can't really be used for mouse tracking). Participants will be asked to attach an external pointing device (a trackpad or a mouse) to their computer before being allowed to continue. 

    A (very amateurish) YouTube video demonstrating an early prototype of this feature can be viewed here:

    Backward incompatibility warning: If you currently have an active session using the mouse position response, you must stop them as they will cease to work properly. Please preview your study under the new grammar and launch it again. 

  • Built-in mic check: For studies using the audio response or the background audio response, a built-in "mic check" process will now be automatically added to the beginning of a study. Participants must first test their mic to make sure there is detectable audio input before being allowed to continue. This will effectively prevent participants with an unknowingly broken microphone from taking the study.

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where multiple audio players may appear if participants re-record themselves with the audio response.
Other changes:
  • There are no other changes.

If you have any questions regarding this grammar update, please leave your comments below. Thanks!

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