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Study Grammar update 10/18: Introducing the Photo Response!
Dear Researchers,

We are excited to announce the availability of a brand new response - the Photo Response! The photo response allows participants to take a picture with either a webcam (if they are using a laptop or desktop) or the built-in front-facing camera in their mobile devices. 

Start using the photo response
Using the photo response is as easy as adding a new response of the type "photo" to your study:


That's it! Participants will be prompted to take a picture (of themselves or anything else) and the resulting images will be available as JPG files in the downloadable ZIP after your session is complete.

Optional tweaks
If you wish to make tweaks such as changing the size of the output picture size, or horizontally flipping the image, please take a look at the documentation on the photo response.

For any questions or comments, please leave them here as a reply! Thanks!

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