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Study templates to speed up your research!
Dear Researchers,

Have you ever been deterred by the idea of creating a new study from scratch? The big empty space in trial templates and procedure seemed like a big daunting void that drains the creativity and energy out of you? Well, there's no need to be afraid anymore! The FindingFive team is delighted to announce the new study templates feature! Take a look at this beautiful screenshot:


Yes, that's right - you can now create a new study based on a couple of built-in templates that are already fully functional FindingFive studies. You will get the trial templates, the procedure, and even a basic set of stimuli and responses to get you started. Isn't that nice?

At the current moment, there are only three study templates: the FindingFive's official Crash Course, a mouse tracking study, and a conditional branching study. We will be adding new studies to the list over time. So stay tuned and check often!

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