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A new way to specify duration of background audio
We are excited to announce a new way to specify the duration of a background audio response, making it possible to dynamically adapt the duration of an audio recording to the duration of multimedia stimulus content presented on the same trial as the audio response.  
The new feature allows researchers to specify the duration of a background audio response relative to the duration of a separate stimulus on the same trial (e.g., an audio or video stimulus). This can be particularly useful when your audio stimulus files vary in duration, and you would like to record participants adaptively - longer for longer stimuli and shorter for shorter stimuli.
This new property will work in conjunction with a new feature -- stimulus group -- which allows researchers to  define the group of audio stimuli to which the audio recording duration will be adjusted.  For example, when the duration of a background audio response is set as follows:

"duration": "%sgroup:audio+2.0"

The duration of the audio recording will be the duration of the stimulus of the group “audio” (or any group name that you may want to use), on the same trial as the current response, plus 2 seconds. If there are no stimuli of the group “audio” on the same trial, this duration setting will be ignored and the audio response will record indefinitely and result in a stuck trial. The minus sign “-” is also supported, if the desired goal is to record a shorter duration than the referenced stimulus.
For the above setup to work, the stimuli being referenced must have a group defined. In this case, each stimulus needs to be added to the “audio” group like this (if you used a different group name above, make sure to change “audio” to your group name):

"group": "audio"

*Importantly, “audio” in this example can be subbed for any phrase as long as it is consistent throughout the code.*

We hope you find this update useful! Questions? Reply to this thread and let us know!

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