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Putting in clickable links - [email protected] - 01-27-2021

Hi! Is there a way to put a link into my FindingFive study so that participants just need to click it to go into a new window (ex. if they need to take a survey in Qualtrics)?

RE: Putting in clickable links - Lucy - FF Researcher Support - 01-27-2021

Hello! This is not possible. Text stimuli do not support web addresses. Perhaps if you recruit your participants by email, you can include links to both your FindingFive study and Qualtrics survey, and then just remind participants within your FindingFive study to go back to the email and click on the Qualtrics link to finish your study.

RE: Putting in clickable links - Ting - 01-27-2021

Just to clarify that the lack of support is by design - unfortunately, as a platform, we cannot take the risk of allowing links that may point participants to outside websites during the course of a study. That could lead to all kinds of phishing scams, etc. Thanks for understanding.