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Multiple prerequisites - rmp - 01-05-2021

Hi, I am currently trying to launch a study where only people who have participated in one of two prior studies may be eligible. As I understand it, selecting multiple studies as prerequisites in "Step 4: Prerequisites and anti-prerequisites" means participants have to have completed both studies selected. Is there a similar way to set the prerequisite such that participants are eligible if they have completed either/any one of the studies selected?

If not, my workaround was to manually enter the worker IDs of eligible participants in Step 4.1 under "Allow only the following participants in this session." But, I just wanted to check if there was an easier way I may be missing before doing this. [Also, as a note, the timing of this session is important, so I can't launch two sessions on two different days/times with each of the two different prerequisites]

RE: Multiple prerequisites - Lucy - FF Researcher Support - 01-05-2021

Hello! You are correct that if you select two studies as prerequisites, participants must have completed both studies to be eligible for the current study. Your workaround of entering the IDs is the best way to set up prerequisites as either/any. I will bring this to the dev team to see if we could add an "any of the following" prerequisite function in the future!

RE: Multiple prerequisites - rmp - 01-05-2021

Thanks for the response, Lucy!